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Johnnie Walker Celebratory Blend

This exclusive high proof release (bottled at 51%ABV) is inspired by a breakthrough moment in John Walker & Sons’ history – the launch of Old Highland Whisky in the 1860s, the company’s first commercial blend to travel from Scotland to the four corners of the world. This rich and complex whisky is inspired by the flavours found in the Walker family’s grocery store in the 1860s and uses whiskies from distilleries which were operating at that time.

From Johnnie Walker Celebratory Blend -Shotz Liquor Store-

I like this! [RIGEL]

When I had this CELEBRATORY BLEND for the first time, I was surprised at its strong percentage of alcohol, 51%. I was also impressed with its spicy & fruity aroma and deep & mellow taste. You should first drink this neat You can enjoy its deep and mellow taste fully. 'On the rock' is also brilliant.

I bought this for home drinking [At Home]

As I have become a fan of CELEBRATORY BLENMD, I bought this for home drinking. I tries 'neat' and 'on the rock'. Both made me satisfied. If u have booze friends who regard JONNIE WALKER as noncommittal blended whisky, u should recommend this to them.