So many bars, so many drinks

Now they are out of my reach......(-_-)

Recently I had oppotunity to check my amazon's purchase history. And I realized Japanaese whisky's price has risen dramatically. Here is evidence.

Purchase history of Suntory Yamazaki 12 Year old at 2012 Sep.

I also show you Nikka Yoichi 12 Year old.

and... I have drunk them long ago(^0^).

In 2012, we could still buy major famous scotch Whisky, which was over 20 Yrs, at less than 20,000 Japanese Yen. So I did not imagine these 12 yrs Japanese whiskies' price would rise dramatically. If I had bought these Japanese whisky as many as possible at that time, I would have been rich(-_-).

Well how much are they now?

What??? 21,999 Japanese Yen??


50,000 Japanese Yen!!!!! No way!
Actually there were some reason why their price has risen like this. Recently Japanese whiky become popular and many want to buy them. And the consumption tax was raised from 5% to 8% in April in 2014. At the same time Japanese whisky company rose their price up. Finally, as Japanese whisky company had never expected that their whisky became so famous that they had to limit shipping amount and raise a price. If they had not done them, Japanese whisky would have beed sold out and we had to waitnext planned shipment time for a long time.
Note:Nikka Yoichi 12 Year old is already finished selling as very popular blended malt whisky Nikka Taketsuru needs aged Yoichi and aged Miyagikyo.

(@ 0 @) What a shame!!

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