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Octomore 13.2, like the 13.1 version, is one of the most peaty whiskies in the world, also measured at 137.3 ppm. Its course is similar to this other version because it is also a 2016 vintage made with the 2015 harvest.
The ageing is slightly different, however, as barrels that previously contained Oloroso Sherry were chosen. The maturation lasted 5 years.

From Octomore 13.2 58.3 -Rhum Attitude-

It was a strong impact [RIGEL]

Rich, smokey, mellow, spicy sweet, burnt bacon ...Many words come into my head. Because this brilliant Scotch Whisky has various characters which make me surprised, excited and satisfied. I am happy to meet such a brilliant whisky. I have already drunk other OCTOMORE [08.3, 09.3, 10.3] and each of them made me satisfied too. I love OCTOMORE. One problem is that its price is high. But great efforts have been done to make brilliant whisky 'OCTOMORE', the price would be reasonable.