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Four Roses Super Premium

Four Roses Super Premium is a completely different product than what you can buy in the U.S. While it uses the same traditional Four Roses recipes, the percentages are different than what you will find in a Four Roses Yellow or Four Roses Small Batch in the U.S. It’s rumored that Super Premium uses several of the recipes, and 80% of the Bourbon must have been aged a minimum of 8 years while 20% aged 10 years or greater. The bourbon is dumped from the barrel at the Four Roses distillery in Kentucky and then sent over to Kirin in Japan for bottling and distribution.


If you take a sip of this premium whisky you will fall in love with .... [BAR YANEURA]

Once I drank BOOKER'S, I though it was the best American whiskey. But now I think this Four Roses Super Premium is the best American whiskey. This is really different from normal Four Roses. And this premium whiskey is sold only in Japan where I live in. Excellent !!!!!! I f you have chance to come to Japan, you must try this remarkable American Whiskey sold in Japan only at any cost.

I was happy to find this bottle here! [Bar Wee DRAM]

I was happy to find this bottle here! As I had little opportunity to see this bottle at bar. Only two times I found this bottle at Back-Bar. I was sure I loved this special American whiskey. I hope no more booze fall in love with this special whiskey.

Well.. here I can drink Super Premium! [Bar Brilliant]

This bar had Four Roses Super Premium! I drank it and felt happy!

I like this! [BOURBON STREET]

Sometimes I want to drink this!

Enjoy whisky under COVID-19 self-restraint [At Home]

Let's pretend myself I am having good American Whisky at Good Bar. Not my home (@0@).