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Gin and Tonic [Tanqueray ver]

A gin and tonic is a highball cocktail made with gin and tonic water poured over ice. It is usually garnished with a slice or wedge of lime. The amount of gin varies according to taste. Suggested ratios of gin to tonic are between 1:1 and 1:3.

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Sharp, keen, strong [Jazz with KAZZ]

I have already drunk gin and tonic whose base gin is "BEEFEATER" many times. Now I like to try other gin and tonic whose base is not "BEEFEATER". Oneday I visited one bar in Shibuya where I met one bartender who had a detailed knowledge of spirits and drinks. I thought if I visited his bar, I could enjoy conversation and he might teach me some knowledge of gin and tonic. And I did visit his bar and asked him which Gin he used to make gin and tonic. "Tanqueray LONDON DRY GIN, Mr." he replied. I said to him "I want to drink that !"

My impression was ... "Interesting! Yes this is one of the gin and tonic which everybody enjoy its smooth taste. But this Tanqueray based gin and tonic hide sharp knife inside its smooth taste." Really interesting. I had already drunk Tanqueray LONDON DRY GIN neat at home and my impression was good. I want to buy Tanqueray LONDON DRY GIN again.

I like Tanqueray Gin and Tonic [RIGEL]

I like Tanqueray Gin and Tonic. This time the bartender used roasted green tea asa secret ingredient. The roasted green tea asa add refreshing feeling to its taste.

The bartender make Gin and Tonic light and smooth for first-time customer? [Vanilla Var]

This is my first visit to this Bar. Here they have plenty of absinthe with ordinary liquor. If you want to drink whisky, you can. I saw "Little monster" and "Hibiki Japanese harmony" there. From this the bartender and barmaid can also serve you some famous and some special whisky to you if you want. But here you should try "Absinthe". The barmaid here told me a lot about "Absinthe".

Buy first drink here was "Gin and tonic". Gin is "Tanqueray". Its taste is relatively light and smooth because that was my first-time drink there and the bartender want to know my "taste". "Does this csutomer like strong one? Dry one? Or sweet one? Smooth? Rich? Anyway I enjoyed that gin and tonic.