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Ardbeg Supernova

To celebrate the conclusion of Ardbeg’s experiment in space, they released this final Committee release of the super-duper-peated Supernova single malt. At 100PPM (phenolic content measured in parts per million) compared to Ardbeg's usual 55PPM, this is one of the most heavily-peated whiskies in the world!


Lightning flashed in my eyes. I like this! [Bar TIPTOP]

When I drank this at Bar TIPTOP in Ikebukuro I was astonished at its' strong heavily-peated smell and loved feeling that Lightning flashed in my eyes. And at that time I regretted drinking this first because its taste and smell was too strong to enjoy other malt.

I love this! [BAR HERMIT EAST]

When I found "Ardbeg Supernova" at BAR HERMIT Scotch Side, I was so happy and drank this again.