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Hoping that TUMUGI brings you joy of feeling four seasons of Japan and botanical ingredients nurtured in Japan. That was the start of the product development.
With its rich fragrant, Tosa Buntan that has been harvested in season are carefully prepared by hand before steeped in pure shochu made from barley koji for several days.
Firstly, please enjoy its fragrance, well balanced sweetness, and acidity with Ice or straight up.
Cocktails are also recommended with Grapefruits, its origin is said Buntan, or citrus and other ingredients of Japan’s four seasons throughout the year. That brings more joy to enjoy WAPIRITS.


Unnn Yes I feel I am Japanese when I drink this [BAR FIVE]

If you love Japanse Sake (or Japanese Shochu .. maybe) flavor, you can enjoy this wapirits. When you drink this Wapirits with soda, you can enjoy its sophisticated aroma which you may imagine Japanese Sake. I am sure you can make many cocktails with this wapirits because this flavor is not too strong and basically its taste is .... "transparent" like "flavored Vodka". I want to enhjoy some cocktails which use this wapirits.