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Mama Juana

Mama Juana (or Mamajuana) is a drink from the Dominican Republic that is concocted by allowing rum, red wine, and honey to soak in a bottle with tree bark and herbs. The taste is similar to port wine and the color is a deep red.

The specific herbs that make up Mamajuana were originally prepared as an herbal tea by the native Taíno; post-Columbus, alcohol was added to the recipe. Besides being rumored to be an aphrodisiac, Mamajuana is also consumed for its purported medicinal value. The alcohol is said to act as an extract base that pulls the herbs' curative properties, creating an herbal tincture often served as a shot. The reported positive effects on health vary, ranging from a flu remedy to a digestion and circulation aid, blood cleanser, sexual potency, kidney and liver tonic.

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Caribbean viagra [BAR KING RUM]

The Caribbean viagra!? This was my first impression. The fragrance was like Tonic with pepper and tree scent. For example , the smell you feel when you enter the new house made of wood. The taste was the one I expected. Not tasty but you can not hate. Bitter, never easy to drink. But you want to drink this finally. If you have chance to go to bars which have many Rum, they may have Mama Juana. Please try!