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Matador Cocktail

The Matador is a tequila-based cocktail. Less widely known than the margarita, its structure is similarly simple, with three primary ingredients: silver or blanco tequila, pineapple juice, and lime juice. Its chief coupling of pineapple and a single spirit resembles a Jackhammer, a variant of the Screwdriver which substitutes pineapple juice for orange juice to mix with vodka. Matadors are often presented differently, either in a martini glass or a champagne flute.

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I like this! [BAR FIVE]

From its sour and sweet fresh taste, I misunderstood this was a cocktail for "booze beginners". However, soon it was wrong. It is tequila-based cocktail and tequila does his job inside the cocktail. You may feel its taste would be sweet and easy to drink cocktail from its appearance, but it is wrong. Fresh, Sweet, Sour, Strong liquor power. Those character has united as one body and makes this cocktail noble and sophisticated.