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This is one of the rarer versions of these very collectable Balvenies. Originally launched sometime in 1982 in both non-aged and 18 year old versions. It was also the first whisky to be "finished" by being given an additional period of maturation in a second cask of a different type. In this case, sherry butts were used. The practice was later emulated elsewhere and so a piece of Scotch whisky history as well as an innovation were established.

Balvenie Classic 18 Years Old -MY WHISKY JOURNEYS

Well .... the whiskies called "old bottle" must be matured in excellent casks. [Cask Dor]

When I opened the door of this bar "CASK DOR", soon I noticed one strange thing. At the bar counter, many bottled were on it, and at the backbar, there were full of vintage bottles. Why? The answer was .... the bottles which were at the bar counter were released after 90's, In other words, the bottles at backbar were released before 1980's. I found one bottle at backbar was released before 60's. Soon I thought I had to ask the bartender how much one shot was at each order. And after looking at gorgeous collections at backbars, I asked the bartender to recommend me some malts at backbar which costed less than 5,000 Japanese Yen.

Bartender: "What kind of whiskies do you like? Strong? Smokey? Wonderful scent ..."

Booze: "I wanted to drink the malt whose taste is modest and mellow."

The bartender chose some bottles and put them in front of me. What a wonderful moment it was! And I chose this "THE BALVENIE CLASSIC 18 YEARS OLD". The shape of bottle did not look like whisky bottle. And my impression was ..

Aroma: Gorgeous red fresh wine and matured excellent brandy with some mold.

Taste:Strong, deep but light red wine and brandy were spread in your mouth in a flash. And its complicated aroma and liquid took you to somewhere you could only focus on whiskey. And later, you could feel its taste is mellow and luscious.

This bottle is special for me. [Cask Dor]

By this special bottle, I fall in love with "old bottle whisky". This complicated and various flavor is outstanding. Difficult to explain its flavor but you want to drink again. This kind of "VERY OLD WHISKY" seems to be as unattainable as the stars. You can not understand its charming and sophisticated flavor 100%. But you want to try at any costs. Devil or Angel?