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The Macallan 10 year old, bottled in the 1980s

The Macallan 10 year old single highland malt whisky, bottled in the 1980s (75cl, 40%)

Red wine, Sherry, excellent Brandy, full body .... [Cask Dor]

In my experience, the Macallan 18 yrs and GM Macallan 1991 had wonderful, noble, beautiful aroma. They were well-balanced and were always equally strong. However, when I had this amazing Macallan 10 yrs bottled 80's, I felt "Introduction, development, twist, conclusion" in its aroma and taste. I never felt this impression when I had official Macallan 18 yrs and GM Macallan 1991. Maybe they had but I could not feel like this 10 Yrs bottled in 80's. I know Macallan is matured at very sophisticated sherry casks and their good influence remain inside Macallan. That is why many drinker are extremely moved by its aroma and taste.

And this 10 years old Macallan bottled in 80's, she gave me more powerful and gorgeous impression when I drank it. At first I felt red old but fresh wine and gorgeous vintage brandy. I would have misunderstood it was very old brandy if some authority in whiky's world had told me "Mr. Booze. Listen. Here I will give you an extraordinary and unique brandy which was finished in sherry casks which were used to mature Macallan." I felt I met one brilliant spirits which had both extraordinary whisky and gorgeous brandy. Maybe this Macallan has inherited amazing sherry cask's power deeply. In my nose, the aroma changed like 'drama'. In my mouth, taste also changed. I am neither professional writer nor authority on Whisky. If you have an interest in vintage Macallan, please drink it yourself!

Nice to see you again! [Cask Dor]

I love this The MACALLAN 10 YEARS OLD Bot.1970s

This is 3rd time [Cask Dor]

This is 3rd time I drank this old MACALLAN. Rich aroma and mellow taste is definitely different from current MaCALLAN.