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Taketsuru 21 Years Old

A blend of the two Nikka single malts, Taketsuru combines the strong character of Yoichi with the elegance & precision of Miyagikyo.
Both masculine and feminine, traditional and innovative, this outstanding pure malt is a worthy tribute to Masataka Taketsuru, the father of Japanese whisky and founder of Nikka.

Selected as world’s best blended malt four times, the Taketsuru 21 is quite simply one of the great whiskies of our times.

From NIKKA WHISKY official site

Yes... this is Japanese Whisky but it has also inherited Scotch Whisky essense. [At Home]

When I drank this famous Japanese Whisky for the first time, I felt it had really inherited Scotch Whisky. The words below occured to my mindwords, "well-balanced", "pure", "not outstanding", "modest". And I felt that if someone had told me this whisky was one of the famous Scotch Whisky in Speyside , I would have believed it. Unfortunately the price has been increasing. The first time I got this 21 yrs, it costed about 9,500 Japanese Yen. No it costs 34,000 Japanese yen. If you have chance to see this whisky at Bar, please try one.

Smell:A bit smoky, but modest and calm

Taste:Easy to drink, well-balanced taste. You may feel this is one of the famous Scotch Whisky if you have no knowledge about this whisky.

Very Famous Japanese Whisky [Bar Dresden]

If you are interested in this Japanese blended malt whisky, you should find authentic Bars in Japan. Such bar have stock of rare malts. You can still drink at reasonable price.

Note: Such malt is rare. You can not find those malts' name on menu list. It is better for you to ask the Bartender if they have.

I brought my bottle to one shushi restaurant [One Sushi restaurant where you can bring your own drinks]

I brought my Miyagiyko 21 Yrs to one shushi restaurant where you can bring you r own bottle. In my opinion, Sushi is good with Sake, not whisky!