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Long term matured Malt whisky and Grain whisky were selected and blended. It was matured in Burbon cask and then finished in Mizunara Cask. Its aroma is charming. Its label and paulownia box were made by famoe Japanese artists. Everything was under the supervision of that famous owner bartender "TAKAO MORI".

Note: Long term matured whisky would not be their original whisky. Because the distillery has been established in 2016. Thus about 4 years matured whisky is not called "long term matured", I am afraid. Their own young but high quality whisky and those well-matured whiskies might be blended.

Like ... Ichiro's Malt and Grain? [MORI BAR (former Y&M Bar KISLING)]

I was happy to know up-and-coming Japanese distillery by drinking this limited Japanese whisky. As you see, for new distillery, at first, it is difficult to sell their whisky because whisky need to be matured at good cask for a long time. For example "Nikka" at first sold Apple juice. This is famous. And this rare limited bottle was matured at brand-new distillery "Nagahama". This whisky is mede of well-matured foreign Whisky (ex Scoth I think), and the young whisky made at Nagahama Distillery. You can see this kind of "mix whisky" sometimes. For example "Ichiro's malt & grain" and suntory's "Ao". They are made of their original malt and other malt that are from "Irish whiskey, Scotch whisky, Canadian whiskey and American whiskey". And surprisingly whisky that were made in or blended in NAGAHAMA Distillery won "2020 WORLD WHISKIES AWARDS BRONZE, GOLD and BEST JAPANESE BLENDED MALT". In the near future this Nagahama whisky might become one of the most famous whisky in the world. So you should try now!