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Habana Martini

Orange bitters 1ml
Willams & Humbert Don Zoilo Fino 2ml

Rum Martini???? (^0^) [MORI BAR (former Y&M Bar KISLING)]

It was my 1st time to drink Rum Martini. This rum martini is Owner Bartender Takao Mori's original cocktail. Before having this, I expected it should be "relatively sweet" and was completely different from typical Dry Martiin. But after drinking this, my expectation was a bit wrong. Yes. It was Rum Martini and different from typical Dry Martini, which was made of dry Gin and dry Vermut. But while drinking this Rum Martini, I could find a fragment of "dry and sharp" inside its taste. In other words, this rum martini seems to focus on decreasing "sweet taste" and increasing "dry and sharp taste". If you want to make dry martini, it is easy to make "normal dry martini" (dry Gin and dry Vermouth). But,I think, by using rum deliberately with gentle stair and studied ingredients (dry sherry and orange bitter), making its taste "relatively" and "basically" dry and sharp that might become 1st step for "Martini Beginner". And someday they will be able to drink "Dry Martini". Am I thinking too much? (^0^)