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Homemade Original Gin & Tonic

Very unique Gin and Tonic. The Gin was special. The premium gin "BOMBEY SAPPHIRE" is flavored by through re-distillation with "Cypress" by using Vacuum distillation in this bar.

Creating new cocktail? [code name MIXOLOGY Akasaka]

"Completely new world". This was my first impression after having drunk this brand-new Gin and Tonic. "Flavored by through re-distillation with "Cypress"? Are you sure? I could not believe this at first. But after drinking, I felt "Yes! This is new world I never knew! And now I am deeply interested in this Mixology Cocktail World!".

The aroma was ....... so unique and preferable. And the taste was interesting. Yes it was gin but it was made from "Cypress". This unique flavor seems to have power to calm down my emotion or make me feel very relaxed. If I am allowed to name this cocktail, I simply name " Yoga" or ..."peace of mind" Please try this special gin and tonic if you have chance to visit Akasaka in Japan.