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Shine Muscat Grape
Seedlip Grove 42
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I like this! [code name MIXOLOGY Akasaka]

This was my 1st time to have had "SEEDLIP mocktail". The bartender used SEEDLIP GROVE 42. This is ...

Grove 42 is a citrus-focused expression featuring blood orange, bitter orange, mandarin, lemon, lemongrass and ginger - and no alcohol whatsoever! Serve this tipple with soda water and orange peel, and we reckon it'll make for some interesting non-alcoholic twists on classic gin-based cocktails.
From Seedlip Grove 42 -EC PROOF

My impression was ...."Very soft and fruity mocktail". Very smooth and fresh. Nowadays young generation do not like alcoholic beverage as their parents did. So this kind of sophisticated mocktail would be popular at bars in the near future.