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Ballantines 21 Years Old

Intense and rich with a smooth spice
An indulgent drink for celebrating a special occasion
The rich, spiced flavour owes itself to the high proportion of Whiskies matured in European Oak casks.

From Ballantines AGED 21 YEARS -official site

Really good taste, easy to drink! [At Home]

This whisky is really easy to drink and taste is wonderful.

When I had this tasty whisky, I thought that seven or eight out of every ten booze would become fun of this blended whisky. Like a ... pretty, cute and friendly girl whom everybody love. Not beautiful and noble woman whom only a few people can talk to. And because this is blended whisky and very popular, the price is reasonable. In fact drinking this straight is not so impressive but if you drink thids on the rock, you will fall in love with its mellow taste.

Smell: Sweet apple, vanilla and honey coated with cinnamon powder.

Taste:Sweet and mellow.