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Francis Albert

This cocktail is named after Francis Albert Sinatra, who loved 'Tanqueray London Dry Gin' and 'WILD TURKEY - Bourbon Whiskey'. This is Japanese famous Bar "Radio"'s original cocktail.

Tanqueray London Dry Gin -45ml

Recipe-1:Stir ingredients with ice in mixing glass and strain into cocktail glass.
Recipe-2:Stir ingredients (with ice) into glass and stir.

Enjoy cocktail at its birth place! [Bar Radio]

When I read comic "Bartendar", I knew there was a cocktail which was created at Japanese Bar 'Radio'. And I tried drinking it at many bars. But everytime I thought it was not delicious cocktail. Too strong to enjoy its taste!! However, recently I had a chance to visit 'Bar Radio' and tried drinking it.

At that time recipe was ..
Stirring ingredients with ice in mixing glass and strain into cocktail glass. Maybe(^0^).

The taste was marvelous. It was quite different from any other 'Francis Albert' at other bars. Actually very strong but Tanqueray and WILD TURKEY were harmonized and still each of them had its own character. What magic did bartender work on it? If you have chance to visit Omotesando, please visit "Bar Radio" and try it.

Too strong [BAR FIVE]

Francis Albert -at Bar Five (Shibuya)-

At that time recipe was ..
Stirring ingredients with ice in mixing glass and strain into cocktail glass. Maybe(^0^).

Too Strong! After trying this at Bar Five or other Bar except Bar Radio, one word came to my mind, "Dissonance".

This cocktail with ice-filled glass make its strong taste calm and gentle. [Bar Dresden]

Drinking this with original recipe [Stir ingredients with ice in mixing glass and strain into cocktail glass] is always too strong for me. But drinking with ice [Stir ingredients with ice in mixing glass and strain into ice-filled rock glass) is good. Though it still has strong taste and characters but comparatively easy to drink and also I can enjoy two strong spirits.

It is similar to original but basically very different. [BAR RECADO]

When I was drinking Francis Albert at many bars, I thought this taste was difficult to enjoy. It was for real mature adult who had drunk liquor at many places. One day at "BAR RECADO" in Ginza, I had whisky and enjoyed conversation with one bartender. I told him I loved whisky and I like strong cocktail "Francis Albert" [Ingredients Tanqueray London Dry Gin -45ml and WILD TURKEY -45ml]. I said to him "I like this cocktail but I have not been satisfied with it at any bar yet.". After he listened to my saying, he made one cocktail. Its' taste was like "Francis Albert" but basically different. Why? The reason was that he changed recipe. He had changed WILD TURKEY to Booker's . If you have already tried drinking Booker's, you may know its' taste is not only strong but also sweet. This strong sweet taste made this cocktail light and easy to drink. If you can not enjoy spirits or hard liquor well, this cocktail is also difficult to drink. Anyway I realized Cocktail World is quite wide and very interesting.

WILD TURKEY Forgiven can make this strong cocktail? [BAR Garasha]

At the bar "Garasha", where I have learned how beautiful whisky world is, I drank this "Francis Albert (Mark II)". The base whisky was changed from WILD TURKEY 8 Yrs to WILD TURKEY Forgiven . Ans taste was .... I felt it was still very strong cocktail. I wanted to say "Please forgive me to drink "Forgiven" alone.

I tried this cocktail at Bar CAOL ILA [Bar CAOL ILA]

I recalled drinking "Francis Albert" at Bar CAOL ILA after checking old pictures. Yes.... I asked the bartender to give me whisky cocktail. And he recommend "Francis Albert" to me.And the word "dissonance", which sometimes come to my mind after drinking "Francis Albert" , did not pop into my head. So.. it was not bad.

I got the answer why this hard and strong cocktail can be good cocktail. [Bar Radio]

This is 2nd time I drank this amazing cocktail at its birth place, 'Bar Radio' in Aoyama. This time I got enough time to talk to the bartender who had made well-mixed good cocktail from ice, wild turkey and tanqueray gin. And I got the answer. It is because his high skill that makes this difficult cocktail as well-balanced and well-mixed amazing cocktail. If you have time to visit Tokyo in Japan, please try this cocktail.