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Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky

Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon is a delightfully complex, multi-dimensional single malt whisky, with vanilla, fruit and coconut highlights. Matured in hand selected fresh American ex-Bourbon casks, the whisky is available at cask strength and non chill-filtered hence it retains a fuller flavour of a natural single malt whisky.

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In the near future, Kavalan will become one of the most famous whisky [Bar Dresden]

I have known Taiwanese Whisky 'Kavalan' and its price is not cheap. But at first I had no interest. 'More than 100 dollar for one cask strength whose age is not shown? No way!' But when I found
this bottle at the bar 'DRESDEN' in Shinjuku, which has been around for a long time, I decided to drink this. Because I thought if Kavalan's quality was not good, they did not have this bottle at backbar. And my impression was .... "I wish I had tried drinking this earlier in my bar life!". This is not only cask strength but also single cask. 'Single Cask Strength'.

Its aroma is very sweet vanilla with some fruits, apple, grape, pineapple, banana chips ... and its taste is very sweet, mellow and you can not stop drinking. You should drink this straight at first to enjoy this mellow taste.

I drank this Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength during the First Three Days of the New Year [At Home]

I enjoyed drinking this Kavalan Solist ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength during the First Three Days of the New Year. Because my father had not drunk this excellent Taiwanese whisky yet, I chose this for new year drinks. He was surprised when he had this. Before he tried he showed less interest in Solist ex-Bourbon Single Cask Strength, but soon he became fun of Kavalan. If you have chance to see this bottle at bars, please try. Really really deep, mellow, sweet whisky.

I love this! [Bar Auggie Wren]

I have not drunk this Kavalan solist bourbon cask for a long time.